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Uncle Biff DJ Mcmuffin

DJ McMuffin
My new CD
Love and peace

Yo! What down?!? Ketchup wit all da latest spray and fog about Uncle Biff right'chere!

Da rapiest rap record ever recorded is gonna be out soon! It's called "Janet Jackson Ripped My Tit" and of course it will feature the hitiest hit of all time "Da Stella Rap", but did ya'll know dat it also gonna have the other tracks of the most rap a tat tat rap songs you ever herd? yeaas!!!

The follow up hit to "Da Stella Rap" is gonna be on dat record too! It is called "Smells Like Sauerkraut"!!! And it features a SPECIAL GUEST performin' with Uncle Biff & DJ McMuffin!!! It is none other than the kookiest, brainiest, bouncy, baby girl of all girls "Missy Chris Elliot"!!!

Dat's Right! You can count on it! And it will be the funkiest, groovinest, most bitchin' rap song ever! It will put the fog in yer overcoat yo! They ain't no flea collar dat can contain da mess of rap that will be comin' outta yer speakers when you play da hit song "Smells Like Sauerkraut"! Word down! Piece.

Missy Chris Elliot
"Smells Like Sauerkraut!"

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